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Do Stink Bug Traps Work?

stink bug on a large leaf

Stink bug control can be a challenge. If you’ve been dealing with a stink bug infestation over the winter, you know what we mean. These bugs find their way into your Pittsburgh home in the late fall and then hide inside your home throughout the winter. On warm winter or spring days, stink bugs will resurface in your home and start huddling around your windows, looking for a way to get out. What can be done about stink bugs? Here’s what we have to say about the subject.

Some people believe that stink bugs can be eliminated without the help of a pest control professional. These people buy all kinds of contraptions or chemicals that are touted for trapping or killing stink bugs and then they spend the summer still fighting with these pests. A popular choice for DIY enthusiasts is the stink bug trap. This trap is meant to be put outdoors and claims that it attracts stink bugs with chemicals. Does it work? Well, according to the reviews on at least one of the DIY stink bug traps we found online, not so much. Reviews claimed the trap was supposed to attract stink bugs to it and then they would get caught in the trap. Several folks caught no stink bugs at all, while only a few claimed that a couple of stink bugs made their way into the trap (while the rest found their way into their homes!).

Unfortunately, do it yourself pest control solutions rarely work. Oftentimes the chemicals used in these traps are not strong enough or are mixed incorrectly for them to be effective. The only way to get rid of a stink bug problem is to call in the professionals at Witt. Our experts know how to get rid of stink bugs and can offer stink bug prevention services for your PA home or business. We can also offer a few stink bug prevention tips to help limit the number of these pests that find their way to your home. Here are some tips from the stink bug control experts at Witt Pest Management:

  • Remove possible entry points that stink bugs are using to get into your home. Check around doors and windows for gaps as well as around siding where utility wires and pipes enter your home. Make sure that window and door screens are free from rips and check for cracks in your foundation. Closing up entry points can reduce areas where stink bugs can get inside.
  • Install lighting around the outside of your home that won’t attract insects. This can include yellow fluorescent or yellow LED lights. If you need to light a large outdoor area for security reasons, choose high-pressure sodium lights that won’t attract insects.
  • Cut back vegetation and trees that may be attracting stink bugs or that may be offering shelter for them. If stink bugs have no place to hide, they become more vulnerable to the few animals that will eat them.

Luckily, stink bugs aren’t known for biting people and they don’t spread any diseases that we can catch. However, stink bugs become a huge problem when they try to get into your home, especially in large numbers. Give us a call today to learn what can be done about your stink bug problem and to schedule an appointment with the pros at Witt Pest Management.