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Have you seen tiny shield-shaped tan bugs crawling in your curtains, perching on your light fixtures, clinging to your screens, crawling up your walls, or dive bombing your head as you walk into the kitchen? Have you already properly identified those insects as stink bugs? While our homes do not provide an environment that stink bugs can live in, they will temporarily take up residence with us when temperatures outside become too cold. In spring, they emerge from their hiding places, if you have not seen them all winter it can be shocking when they start trying to find their way out. This can make them a spring nuisance, as well as a fall nuisance. But are they dangerous to have around? Let's take a look.

Are stink bugs dangerous to people? These bugs rarely bite humans, and they are not known to transmit pathogens or harmful bacteria. They do, however, have a nasty chemical smell to them, which has some homeowners wondering if they may be toxic. Don't worry. Stink bugs aren't toxic. They just stink. But, it is important to keep in mind that stink bugs can spray that smelly liquid from their thorax, and you might get it in your eyes. If so, seek medical attention to prevent any damage.

Are stink bugs dangerous to pets? Dogs and cats love to chase bugs. And, as much as we'd prefer to "not" think about it, they also like to eat them. This may have you wondering, "Can eating stink bugs hurt my pet?" Veterinarians say no. While stink bugs can cause your pet to have a severe reaction, such as vomiting or excessive drooling, eating stink bugs won't kill them. They will quickly learn that those bugs are no fun to eat.

Are stink bugs dangerous to belongings? These bugs can stain curtains, couches, fabrics, and carpets. In some cases, it is possible to clean stink bug stains, but it is quite a pain.

The number-one tool for dealing with stink bugs is a vacuum. But, if you've had all you can stand of stink bugs, and you're tired of sucking them up, it is time to consider ongoing pest service. When you have year-round pest control you won't have to deal with stink bugs or other "more threatening" bugs at all. It is more than a quality of life upgrade, it is essential protection for your home, your family, your pets, and your belongings.

Living with pests stinks. If you're in our Pennsylvania service area, let Witt help you establish a pest plan that is guaranteed to stop those pests in their tracks, and make life smell sweet again.

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