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Termites are wood damaging pests that are capable of enduring difficult conditions, which means they can remain active all year long without your knowledge. Imagine all of the damage they can produce in your home during those long months, as they chew through your wooden furniture, floors, ceilings, walls and structural beams. The damages can be extremely costly if left untreated.

The most common termites are subterranean and they most likely will live in damp areas underground in large colonies. These colonies can consist of up to 1,000,000 termites at one time. To find food they create mud tubes that burrow through the ground to protect themselves from predators while they are foraging. These social termite colonies consist of workers, soldiers and reproductives, generally, they feed on cellulose containing items like wood fibers. They can be very dangerous, and in some cases, a termite infestation can cause entire buildings to collapse due to their tremendous destruction.

It isn’t enough just to remove any water accumulation or divert water to avoid termites from nesting on your property, although these techniques may help a little. The biggest factor in preventing termites from entering your home is avoiding ground to wood contact. When the wood in your home makes contact with the ground, it can lead to easy access for termites. Once the termites have gained entry, they will find a plethora of wood to feast on and they will work around the clock to devour it all.

As you can see, termites are a year-round problem and will require a year-round solution. You will want to start by getting rid of any current termites and then find a way to keep them away, or better yet get ahead of an infestation before it starts. For all of those solutions, you will need a highly skilled pest management professional to evaluate your termite problem and create a solution that suits your needs. In the Pittsburgh area you can count on Witt Pest Management. Our expert pest control professionals use the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, it is highly successful in protecting your home from these destructive pests. It is so effective that it can get rid of entire termite colonies and give continuous protection from any future termite activity. It’s a discreet system that is easy to live with. No hassles, drilling or digging. No chemical solutions are injected into the ground, it is the most environmentally responsible way to treat termites.

Give us a call at Witt Pest Management today and talk to us about your termite problems. We will create a solution that you will be happy with, being termite free year round.

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