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When you read the caption of this article, did you think, "No, duh?" It is not surprising. Most of us know that moisture attracts termites. But do you know the kind of termites that are attracted to moisture or what conditions can create moisture problems that draw in wood-eating pests and allow them to thrive? No? Then it is a good thing you dropped by.

What termites love moisture? Subterranean termites. In the United States there is no termite more destructive than the subterranean termite. It is responsible for billions of dollars in property damage each and every year. If you have moisture in or around your house, you are going to make it more attractive to these wood-devouring insects.

What conditions lure in subterranean termites? Here are a few of the ways your home can feel welcoming.

  • If you have any wood that touches soil, termites will target it. This happens most often on an attached garage where the wooden exterior walls are already close to the soil and dirt gets built up. Most subterranean termite species live in the soil next to the structure they are feeding on, and build mud tubes up basement walls to get inside.

  • If you have stumps in your yard, termites will be drawn to them. If those stumps are close to your exterior walls, they can travel along the root system and get in close. Spend the extra money to have stumps and fallen trees removed from your yard.

  • If you have firewood in your yard, keep it off the ground and away from your exterior walls. It is never good to have wet wood in your yard.

  • If you have clogged gutters, you're going to have spillover. This can moisten the side of your home and invite termites in. Make sure gutters are clean and in good working order so that water can be channeled out and away from your home.

  • If water pools next to your basement walls, the excess moisture in the soil will attract termites. Fill in these areas so that water must run away from your walls.

  • If you have mulch touching your basement walls, you're asking for trouble. Having a bed of wet wood next to your house is never a good idea.

  • If sunlight can't dry the soil around your home, your home will be more of a target to subterranean termites. Consider cutting a tree or two down so sunlight can get in.

  • If you have old steps next to your home, termites will love you for it. Wood rot, especially if moisture is involved, will increase your chances of an infestation.

Controlling moisture around your house can go a long way to deterring termites. But no home is truly safe. If those termites don't have a better option, they may infest your home regardless of how dry it is. For this reason, many Pittsburgh homeowners get regular termite inspections or year-round termite protection. This is a destructive pest that can cost you thousands in difficult or impossible to fix wood damage. Keep things dry, and keep termites out.

In business since 1908, Witt Pest Management is the oldest and most advanced pest control company in Pittsburgh and we know termites. Contact us today to find out how we can help you protect your home against these wood destroying insects.

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