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Well, it's that time of year again. Time to start thinking about fall cleanup. We know there are a whole lot of other things you would probably rather do on your weekends, like watching some college football on Saturday, NFL on Sunday, or one of the new television shows in this year's fall lineup. But, yard cleanup in the fall plays an important role in keeping pests out of your home this winter and helps you reduce pests in your yard next spring. Here are a few things you should know.

Bugs Love Moisture

When leaves fall from the trees and create a layer in your yard, it sets the stage for moisture issues in the fall and spring. Moisture is an attractant for a wide range of creatures. If you take the time rake your lawn routinely in the fall, you'll make your yard a whole lot less interesting to fall pests.

Bugs Lay Their Eggs Under Organic Debris

Another reason to remove leaf clutter is to keep bugs from laying eggs underneath. It is okay to have scattered leaves but when leaves pile up, it is a recipe for bug population growth.

Rodents Love Clutter

Bugs are not the only critters that enjoy a layer of leaves. Rodents are skittish creatures that avoid open spaces. When leaves stack up in your yard, it can make rodents feel safe in your yard. And, since rodents are top on the list of overwintering pests, this is definitely something you don't want to do in the fall.

Don't Forget Your Gutters

Leaves don't just fall on the ground, they can land in your gutters and clog things up. This can cause water to overflow and run down your walls. Not only is this bad for the wood of your home, it sets up conditions near your foundation walls that will lure pests in. And when you have bugs crawling near your foundation walls, they are sure to look for a way into your home when the temperatures drop.

Fill The Holes

While this one doesn't have anything to do with fall cleanup, it should definitely be part of your fall cleanup work. Inspect your exterior walls for holes, and fill in the holes you find. Be sure to look in hard-to-get-at areas that offer shade and seclusion for any critter that would want to get into your home.

If you need assistance creating a fall barrier that pests can't penetrate, contact Witt Pest Management. Our team of educated professionals is trained in industry-leading pest control protocols that work to seal pests out. We'll help you get ready for the fall invasion.

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