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Spring is almost here! That usually means warmer weather is on the way and that you should stop procrastinating and start your spring cleaning! Over the winter, a lot of dirt and dust has has collected throughout your home and though spring cleaning isn’t something most people enjoy, it's a must. Along with spring cleaning, the warmer weather also means pests will show up in and around your home. On the first warm, spring day, these bugs will wake up from their winter naps and head in droves to your window sills. Now would be a good time to whip out the vacuum cleaner and suck up these obnoxious pests! They don’t cause any damage to your home, but they can be really annoying when they are buzzing at your windows in hopes of getting outside. Luckily, for homeowners in Pittsburgh, lady bugs, stink bugs, flies, ants and other spring pests are pretty obvious; you will know if you have an infestation of them. However, there is another pest that often visits PA homes in the spring that is far more dangerous than any ant, lady bug or stink bug you will ever meet: and that is…. the dreaded termite!

Termites are called the silent destroyers. They can be eating away at the wood structure of your home for years before you have any clue they are present! Often a homeowner will notice the damage these pests leave behind before they recognize the termites themselves. Damage can look like weather or water damaged wood, tiny piles of sawdust where termites have been munching or it can be wood that sounds hollow when tapped. If you've seen shed bug wings around doors or windows, these are signs of termite swarmers. Termite swarmers are mating termites that can fly for a short time before their wings fall off. Seeing little white or cream colored insects that have especially large looking heads is a definite sign of termites! A lot of people want to know “what do termites look like”, but because they are the silent destroyers, they are not commonly seen. Some people think they look like ants, but lighter in color. If you see them milling around your home’s wood (including cabinets and furniture) or you actually see them entering into a wooden beam, you can be sure you have termites!

At the first sign of termites in Pittsburgh, it is important to take action. Termites will not go away on their own. They are in your home because they are hungry and unless something is done to control them, they will continue to devour the wood inside your home for years to come. This is bad news for your home! Years of termite damage can cause your house to become structurally unsound, requiring expensive repairs.

Termite control is typically not a one-time treatment. Termite control is an ongoing baiting process that attracts termites, delivers a dose of material to destroy the entire colony and continues to work for years thus keeping future termite colonies from developing. If you have seen signs of termites, or you know that your home has had problems with them in the past, a termite control program is a smart way to stay termite-free without a lot of stress or hassle. It will also help you free up some time so you get can down to that all important spring cleaning!

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