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Demolition Permit Rodent Abatement Service

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Pest control is more than getting rid of pests in homes and businesses while they stand. Many commercial pest management solutions extend to buildings that are preparing to be torn down, too. Demolition permit abatement services are a part of our extensive list of services and pest control solutions to meet all your business needs in Pittsburgh.

The City of Pittsburgh, as well as many other municipalities, require professional extermination services to prevent the migration of rodents and other pests from all structures to be demolished. The City of Pittsburgh's Extermination Policy lists the following minimum requirements:

  • Employ only experienced exterminators.  
  • Display warning signs in conspicuous places.
  • Three days prior to beginning demolition of any building, bait shall be distributed.  No demolition of any nature shall begin before the lapse of three days from the distribution of bait.
  • Methods and materials used for baiting shall meet with the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer's label instructions.

Proof of extermination by an experienced exterminator usually needs to be submitted to the appropriated (ex: Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections ) and verified completely prior to any demolition work.


What is Demolition Permit Abatement?

Demolition Permit Abatement is a service that must not be overlooked on your demolition checklist when you file for permits and prepare to tear down. The process ensures the building is clear of rodents before it is demolished.

Why Do You Need Demolition Permit Abatement?

When you apply for a permit, some form of rodent abatement is usually required. Why? Abatement services are required because the worry is that rodents that are still hiding in a building, even after it has been torn down, will scatter to nearby buildings and homes. As the owner, it is usually your responsibility to exterminate rodents and other pests after being approved but before demolition.

Whom to Hire to Exterminate Pests

When you need to exterminate rodents and other pests, mouse traps and retail solutions are not compliant with Pittsburgh’s extermination policy. Witt Pest Management knows the routine. Before demolition work can begin, you and your company must follow the minimum guidelines outlined in the permit application guidelines. All services customarily must be conducted by an experienced and licensed extermination provider or professional. Witt Pest Management has years of experience and knows what the state requires.

As part of the abatement service, our Witt service technician will post the appropriate placards on the structure as well as provide a special Certificate of Completion.

Our years of experience with pre-demolition services ensure you can get the ball rolling right away on your demolition project. If your demolition is in Pittsburgh or any of the surrounding areas, we can get our technicians out to you as soon as possible to begin demolition abatement services. We make sure the job is complete the first time. Call now to schedule Demolition Abatement Services in Pittsburgh.

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