Disinfection Plus Ongoing Protection

Pittsburgh, PA

Protecting Pittsburgh Businesses From Viruses & Bacteria

WITT® is now offering a comprehensive disinfection and protection service program called ViroGard™ for commercial facilities throughout Western Pennsylvania that only disinfects the surfaces we treat, it also protects them with an antimicrobial coating providing extended defense against harmful bacteria and viruses including coronavirus.

Our process involves the comprehensive application of an FDA registered and an EPA established medical grade product that combines a powerful yet eco-friendly disinfectant with residual coating properties, that destroys viruses, including the Novel Coronavirus, and bacteria on contact, and in addition, keeps heavily contacted surfaces and high traffic areas protected for extended periods.

WITT® has the experience with using disinfectants as well as the proper protective equipment and protocols necessary for successful disinfection for facilities including restaurants, processing plants, office buildings, government facilities, daycare centers, university buildings, call centers, and many other industries. Read more about the precautions we take.


For over 100 years, our pest management services have helped protect public health, food supply, and properties throughout Western PA. We take our role in safeguarding your quality of life very seriously and are proud to now include our ViroGard™ Disinfection & Protection program to further enhance the health, safety, and peace of mind of our customers and the spaces they work in.