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Shadyside Exterminators Offer Insight On Bed Bugs In PA

Summer is just around the corner and the Shadyside pest control pros at Witt know many people and families will be traveling across the country and abroad to vacation.  While traveling, it is important to remember that bed bugs are still a major problem and that you need to be aware of these pests and look for signs of their presence.  Nothing will tarnish the memory of your vacation quicker than an unwanted bed bug souvenir introduced into your Shadyside, Pennsylvania home.   No matter where you are staying, be it a relative’s house, a budget motel or a 5 star resort, you are at risk for picking up bed bugs on your clothing, luggage or other personal property and then carrying them all the way home with you.  Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed off the blood of mammals, with humans being their favorite meal source.  Their shape is flat and oval; similar to that of an apple seed.  They are a brownish red color and range in length from 1/4-3/8 of an inch. 

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Shadyside Pest Control Pros Recommend Knowing How To Inspect For Bed Bugs

It is important to understand how to inspect for bed bugs in order to spot an infestation in your own home or when you are traveling.  A sure sign that bed bugs are present is finding their excrement on bed sheets or linens; bed bug feces will appear as rust color flecks.  You may also see drops of blood present on sheets from when they are feeding.  In cases where an infestation is quite severe, bed bugs may also give off a sickly sweet smell that you may notice in your home or property.  These pests are active during the night and hide during the day under mattresses, around mattress buttons and seams, in cracks of wooden furniture and behind picture frames.  To inspect for bed bugs yourself, use a flashlight around these areas and you may even catch a glimpse of an adult bed bug that’s been hiding out inside your property.  If you notice any signs of bed bugs in your home, you should immediately contact a Shadyside exterminator.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips From The Experts In PA Bed Bug Control

There are many ways that you can help to prevent bed bugs from being introduced into your home.  Bed bug prevention tips include:

  • Inspect hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs.

  • Keep suitcases up off of the floor and keep items not in use stored in sealed plastic bags.

  • Immediately wash clothing in hot water after returning from a hotel, or after purchasing from a second hand store.

  • Vacuum suitcases out after travel.

  • Inspect any used furniture for signs of bed bugs before bringing inside your home.

Bed bug prevention can be a difficult task but it is important to remember to look for signs of bed bugs in order to protect yourself and family from an infestation and understand that bed bugs can be wherever you are traveling.

Shadyside Bed Bug Dogs Find Bed Bugs Quickly And Accurately

Canine bed bug detection dogs are a valuable resource in the fight against bed bugs.  Bed bug detection dogs have over a 98% accuracy rating at detecting the presence of bed bugs in all of their life stages.  They are able to sniff out and find bed bugs that are not easily visible to the human eye in areas beneath carpets, in upholstery, behind baseboards and in spaces that are highly cluttered.  At Witt Pest Management, our bed bug detecting dogs are highly trained and are a very important part of our Shadyside bed bug control.  They quickly and accurately alert us of bed bug infestations, no matter how large or small.

Shadyside Pest Control For Bed Bugs

If you find that bed bugs have been introduced into your home, Witt has bed bug removal services to choose from to eliminate any infestation.  We understand the commitment it takes to control bed bugs and have dedicated a separate division to the detection and treatment of these blood sucking pests.  Part of the reason bed bugs have made such a comeback is because they have become resistant to many of the pesticides that were once used to treat them.  Because of this, at Witt we use comprehensive bed bug heat treatments in Pennsylvania that are able to eliminate a bed bug infestation in as quickly as 1 day.  The heat penetrates all the cracks and crevices throughout your home and kills of all stages of bed bugs with minimal disruption to your family. After treatment for your current infestation, we can then monitor your home to ensure that another infestation does not occur or is caught and eliminated very quickly.  Monitoring techniques that we use include:

  • Passive monitors- These monitors are used to trap the bed bugs in either glue style traps or pitfall traps(where they fall in and can’t climb out) to catch the bed bugs as they are moving between hosts.

  • Active monitors- These work by mimicking a human host, either emitting carbon dioxide, heating up, or releasing pheromones.  These work best in vacant rooms where other humans are not very active.

  • Canine Scent detection- Our trained dogs can find very small infestations to allow treatment to begin before it becomes large scale.

To learn more about Witt’s bed bug treatments in Shadyside and throughout Greater Pittsburgh, please contact us today!

Pest Control In Shadyside Pennsylvania

Witt Pest Management has been helping homes and businesses in the greater Pittsburgh area, including Shadyside since 1908.  We understand the needs of our customers and that each pest management situation is unique.  For our residential customers, along with our bed bug control services we also offer general home pest control services and termite control services.  Our commercial customers are also offered services for bed bug control, along with pest control, termite control, flying insect control, food safety and sanitation evaluations and training.  Contact us today for more information on how we can help eliminate bed bugs or any other pest infestations that you may encounter!