Pest Control In Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Sewickley PA Termite And Pest Control

Sewickley is a borough that is located in Allegheny County, PA and is just a short 11 mile commute to Pittsburgh. The borough has a deep history dating all the way back to the 1700’s. Its name comes from an Indian word for “sweet water”; and at Witt Pest Management we all agree that Sewickley is a “sweet” place to live! Tree-lined neighborhoods, a diverse business district, and plenty of civic organizations to keep its residents busy are just some the many things that make Sewickley a great place to live. The pest control professionals at Witt want to help keep Sewickley homes and businesses free of the insects, spiders, and rodents that also call Sewickley home through our advanced pest control services. Find out today why more than 3,000 Pittsburgh areas residents trust us with their pest control needs!

Home Pest Control In Sewickley, PA

There is only one way to safely and completely eliminate common household pests from your Sewickley, PA home - the smart way. We believe that the “smart way” to eliminate pests is to contact us at Witt Pest Management! Our comprehensive pest control services will get rid of annoying, dangerous, and damaging pest, while keeping you, your family, home, and pets safe!

We offer three different levels of pest control to make sure that we provide residents with the exact pest control services that they need! No matter which service you pick, have the peace of mind to know that your home will be protected from over 40 common pests!

  • TopCare® program - During the initial service visit we will provide a detailed inspection and an interior visit; we will then schedule comprehensive treatments to be completed during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

  • TopCare® Plus - This program includes everything that is in the TopCare program along with the added advantage of 24/7 termite monitoring.

  • TopCare® Complete - This is our most comprehensive program and includes everything in the TopCare Plus program in addition to providing comprehensive termite control through the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

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Commercial Pest Control In Sewickley, PA

Witt Pest Management can help you keep your business pest free through our commercial pest control services which include inspection, identification, implementation, information, and interaction. Keeping your facility free of pests through safe, affordable, and effective professional commercial pest control services is the best way to protect your facility, customers, employees, brand, and reputation!

Our commercial pest control services are completed through our SmartPM® program - Service Methods Achieving Responsible and Thorough Pest Management. This program provides our commercial customers with exceptional commercial pest control services, while only using insecticides when it is absolutely necessary. In addition to SmartPM we also offer the following specific services to help maintain a healthy environment in your commercial facility: fly control services, odor control services, and food safety services.

Contact Witt today to find out why the SmartPM® program is the best way to protect your Sewickley business from pests.

Bed Bug Control In Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Finding small drops of blood, or black flecks on mattresses, box springs, and linens, finding piles of insect shed skins on the floor or under mattresses, noticing a sickly sweet odor in the air, or waking up with unexplained bugs bites in the morning - these are all signs that bed bugs may have been accidentally introduced into your Sewickley property. The first step you should take when you find signs of bed bugs in your home or business is to contact a professional immediately. Only professional pest control experts have the equipment, technology, and experience needed to find and completely eliminate a bed bug infestation!

At Witt we understand how important quick action and safe effective solutions are to solving any bed bug infestation - no matter how big or small, five bed bugs or five hundred we have it covered! Our bed bug control services include:

  • Bed Bug Inspections that are completed by specially trained inspectors or through the use of our K-9 inspection dogs and their handlers.

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments; heat is a very safe, effective, and non-toxic way to completely eliminate any stage of bed bug found present in a property.

  • Integrated Bed Bug Treatments are a comprehensive way to eliminate bed bugs; through our integrated bed bug service, we provide treatment and follow-up services all for one affordable price.

We also provide a content management service. This service can be a stand-alone service or be part of our bed bug control services. Furniture or other personal belongings are moved into a mobile container and transported to a heat-chamber located off-site for treatment against bed bugs.

Why Sewickley Residents Turn To Witt Pest Management

When pests infest a home you are going to want to turn to someone that is understanding, knowledgeable, and that provides safe and completely effective pest control services. At Witt Pest Management we provide all those things and more! Witt has been protecting the homes and businesses of the greater Pittsburgh area since 1908. All of our professionals have the experience, commitment, training and friendly demeanor needed to ensure that our customer’s residential or commercial pest control needs are taken care of. We are a QualityPro certified company; meaning we are part of an elite group of pest control companies that have been acknowledged for commitment to both customers and the pest control industry.

Contact us at Witt Pest Management to start protecting your Sewickley, Pennsylvania property from insects, spiders, and rodents through our wide variety of pest control programs including: residential pest control, commercial pest control, bed bug control, and termite control!