Upper St. Clair, PA Pest Control Services

Stop Nuisance Pests Before They Enter Your Home

Upper St. Clair is a township located in Allegheny County and is held in high regard for its magnificent suburbs and nationally-recognized school district. Just ten miles southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Upper St. Clair is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of city life to relax, but close enough to easily get a taste of the city atmosphere.

No matter where you live in Pennsylvania, there is still the risk for problematic pest infestations. Mice, rats, bed bugs, wasp, and other wildlife pests are always finding new ways to disrupt the peace of Upper St. Clair residents, but they don’t have to. With Witt Pest Management, you can have access to the quick, effective, and quality work of a pest professional that will keep your property pest free all year long. Don’t wait, contact Witt Pest Management for all your pest control questions and concerns!

HOME Pest Control in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania

Living in Upper St. Clair, you won’t find a better pest control provider than Witt Pest Management. The quality of our services remains unmatched in the Greater Pittsburgh area, as our TopCare home pest control programs keep Upper St. Clair residents safe from pest infestations of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need complete protection from cockroaches, rodents, or spiders, Witt Pest Management has a solution that will perfectly fit your exact pest control needs. Keep your home and family protected this year when you sign on for one of our TopCare pest programs. Reach out to us to receive pest control services you can trust!

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3 Things Everyone in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania, Should Know About Cockroaches

Cockroaches. That simple word has the power to send shivers down any property owner’s spine. After all, when we think of cockroaches, we’re not just imagining their unappealing appearance, but their filthy habits, as well. One of the best ways to understand the problem that cockroaches can be for home and business buildings is by first understanding the pests themselves.

Here are three things you should know about cockroaches while living in Upper St. Clair:

  1. Cockroaches travel through filth on a regular basis. These insects often feed on items found in the garbage and sewer systems, and even on dead animals.

  2. Unfortunately, when cockroaches crawl around in unsanitary areas, they often pick up harmful parasites, bacteria, and pathogens that have been linked to numerous diseases.

  3. These harmful diseases are then spread into your home or business when cockroaches find a way inside and begin crawling across your floors, food items, and counter surfaces.

When cockroaches invade your Upper St. Clair property, the most effective way to remove them from your home or business is with the help of the technicians here at Witt Pest Management. We have the experience you need to remove existing cockroaches and prevent against future infestations.

Commercial Pest Control in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania

Running a commercial business in Upper St. Clair is a rewarding and beneficial part of life for many individuals in our area. If you own a company, whether you’re focused on providing healthcare, office space, or quality meals for your customers, it is your job to ensure that your products and services are up to par with the goals you wish to reach within your business. Despite the rewarding aspects that come with owning a business here in Upper St. Clair, there are also quite a few stressful realities that many business owners must face throughout the year. One of those stressful responsibilities is the protection of your business building, services, and products. When pests invade, all the time and hard work you have poured into your company can be wiped away in an instant if one of your customers spots a mouse or cockroach in your building.

Here at Witt Pest Management, we understand the unnecessary stress that’s involved with managing a pest infestation. We provide quality pest treatment and control options for Upper St. Clair business owners. Witt Pest Management handles all pest problems efficiently so you can continue to focus on the other needs of your company. Contact us for more information on how we treat pests in commercial industries!

Damage Termites Cause in St. Clair, Pennsylvania

Termites are a major issue for home and business owners across America and, here in Upper St. Clair, we are no exception. In the United States alone, termite damage accounts for over 5 billion dollars' worth of property repairs, which is monumental. Much of the reason termites are capable of inflicting such damage is because most of the time, termite colonies are not discovered until several years after they initially invaded. As these colonies stay hidden, their members continue to eat and chew on the wooden components of Upper St. Clair properties. This weakens the structural integrity of the entire building over time. If termite infestations are not caught early, they create major damage for home and business owners.

No matter how many times you check your walls and ceiling for signs of a termite infestation, there’s just no replacement for the quality termite inspections one of the technicians here at Witt Pest Management can conduct on your property. If termites are damaging your property, or if you want to take preventative action to keep termites from invading in the first place, reach out to Witt Pest Management!