Pest Control In Wexford, Pennsylvania

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Wexford, PA, is a charming community located within the borders of Alleghany County. It offers its residents a diverse place to live and includes many residential neighborhoods and a well-developed business community. To help keep your Wexford free of common Western Pennsylvania pests like roaches, spiders, ants, flies, earwigs, and mice it is best to put into place professional pest control services. Witt Pest Management is a local pest control company that provides general and specific pest control services for both home and businesses. Inspection, treatment, control, and more, whatever your needs we have a plan of action!

Wexford PA Home Pest Control Services

Pests in Wexford come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; some are problematic in the summer and spring, while others wait to invade until fall or winter. The best way to control any and all pests in your Wexford home is to put into place a year-round home pest control service. Twelve months out of the year your home will be protected from pests and all the damages they can inflict and dangers they can introduce into your home.

Witt Pest Management has a home pest control plan to fit the needs of any homeowner, and with plans starting at only 32 dollars a month anyone can acquire pest protection for their home. Our TopCare home pest control plans all provide coverage for over 40 household pests, have services that are conveniently scheduled, include preventative exterior maintenance services, priority service, and if it becomes necessary, include in-between service visits at no charge to you. To find out which TopCare plan fits your home’s specific needs, contact us today.

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Termite Control in Wexford PA

Termites are not a pest that can be ignored or that can be treated successfully with do-it-yourself pest control products. Termites left unchecked can cause severe damage that can compromise the structural integrity of your property. Witt Pest Management is very experienced when it comes to treating for termites and can provide safe, effective termite control solutions to any of our Wexford customers.

At Witt, we highly recommend installing the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System to eliminate and control termite populations. In fact, we are one of the few companies in the Greater Pittsburgh region that are authorized to use and install this very innovative system. Check out our TopCare Complete service plan if you are interested in termite and home pest protection all in one.

The Sentricon® System uses bait stations that are non-invasively placed around your property. The bait stations contain a small amount of Recruit® HD termite bait. Termites prefer the Recruit HD termite bait to wood and find it even more appetizing as it ages. The termites ingest and take the bait back to the colony eliminating all of its members. The stations then remain in place and are monitored by our professionals to help prevent future issues with termites.

Wexford Pest Control For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a parasitic pest that are found congregating in areas where there is a lot of human movement, hotels and motels are probably most known for often having issues with these pests. But, other public areas are often infested with bed bugs, places like libraries, movie theaters, shopping centers, and college campuses to name a few. Bed bugs are experienced hitchhikers who don’t care where they end up as long as there is a sleeping human for them to feed on. To learn more about bed bugs, check out these frequently asked questions.

Bed bugs are difficult pest to treat, all adults, larvae, and eggs need to be treated to ensure that a re-infestation does not occur. The bed bug control experts at Witt can completely get rid of bed bugs through the following:

  • Inspection

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments

  • Integrated Bed Bug Treatments

  • Box Spring and Mattress encasements

  • Content Management Service ( movement of personal items to an of an off-site heat chamber)

Why Choose Witt For Pest Control In Wexford PA

Termites, bed bugs, ants, mosquitoes, ticks, and mice are just some of the many reasons why you should choose Witt Pest Management for your Wexford property’s pest control needs. With Witt on your team, pests like the ones above will never again become a problem in your home or for your family.

Witt Pest Management has been in the business of pests since 1908; over the decades we have tirelessly worked at becoming an industry leader and are proud to say that we are one of only 3% of pest control companies across the U.S. that have achieved QualityPro certification. We are committed to ridding properties of pests and committed to providing the best customer experience possible. By working together we can ensure that your Wexford home is a pest free home!