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Are You Seeing Centipedes In Your Pittsburgh Home?

black centipede on a log

This is the time of year when house centipedes are the most problematic for Pittsburgh homeowners. So we're going to take some time today to address the conditions that attract these pests, and what steps you can take to keep them out of your home.

What Attracts Centipedes?

  • Moist hiding places around the home are attractive to centipedes. The more your yard looks like a playground of moist hiding places, the more centipedes you'll have.
  • Moist soil is inviting, especially if it is under the shade of a bush or structure close to your home. These moist areas are often caused by broken or obstructed gutters.
  • Centipedes are predators so the more bugs that you have in your yard, the more likely you are to have centipedes feeding on them.
  • Areas of shade are extremely inviting to centipedes.
  • If you have rocks, logs, stacks of firewood, mulch, and objects left on top of your grass, such as construction materials or children's toys, these will draw centipedes in.
  • Open trash draws all sorts of bugs and wildlife. If your trash is sealed, you'll give all pests less reason to come into your yard and stick around.

Centipede Exclusion Methods

Management of the above attractants is the first step in reducing centipedes around your home, but be aware that, in the food chain, centipedes are actually a beneficial bug to have in your yard because they eat other bugs that can be much more of a threat to your home and your family. But, if centipedes do come into your yard and make it past your exterior walls, let them find the interior of your home free of the bugs that they eat. Here are some exclusion methods that will help with keeping many common pests out of your home:

  • Seal all entry points around your home and be sure to look closely around pipes, electrical outlets, air conditioning units, window frames, and other objects that pass through, or are embedded into your exterior walls.
  • Make sure that all window and door screens are in good working condition.
  • Make sure all weather stripping and door sweeps are making proper contact.
  • Ongoing pest services from a professional will significantly reduce all bugs inside your home and address the issues that make your yard attractive.

If you're tired of dealing with creepy centipedes and other pests, let the professionals here Witt Pest Management give you a hand. We are Pittsburgh's oldest and most advanced pest management company. You can trust our QualityPro certified team to take care of all the creatures that are bugging you--including centipedes.