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Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it; have you started preparations? We know it’s a little early to buy all your holiday meal ingredients, but there are a few preparations that can be done now to assure you don’t spend your Thanksgiving alongside invading cockroaches, mice, rats or even bed bugs!

To prevent pests bothering you and your guests during the holidays, this is what we suggest:

  • Clean out your kitchen cupboards and your pantry. You’ll want to clean up any crumbs or spills and throw away any old products that have passed their expiration date. When going through your pantry, put any products that are packaged in paper or plastic into heavy duty plastic or glass containers to help protect them from the hungry house mouse or even the Norway rat that may be looking for a free meal. Cleaning out your cupboards can also help you recognize an Indian meal moth infestation inside your dried food products or grains.
  • Give your kitchen and any other food preparation areas a very thorough clean. You will want to clean up spills and crumbs as well as grease splatters, as these can all attract roaches, including both the American cockroach and the German cockroach. Make sure to clean under appliances as well as behind them and between where appliances meet the countertops.
  • Make sure your trash is taken out regularly and the next time you take the trash out, give both your indoor and outdoor trash cans a good scrub to remove any old food debris. Pests like house flies will breed in these areas so it’s important to eliminate potential breeding zones often.
  • Vacuum in every room of your house regularly to eliminate dust, dirt and possible carpet beetles that have infested your carpeting. Carpet beetles will infest (and damage) other natural fibers around your home, so be sure to wash clothing that has been stored for the year as well as that Thanksgiving tablecloth for the holiday meal!
  • If visitors will be coming to stay with you, inspect all bedrooms for signs of bed bugs before your visitors arrive. Signs of bed bugs include little brownish-red fecal spots and shed bed bug skins and these can be found around beds, in bedside tables, closets and even inside the box spring. If you recognize signs of bed bugs, contact the pros at Witt for immediate inspection and treatment so that you don’t end up spreading bed bugs to your holiday visitors.

If you have followed all of these pest prevention tips and find you’re still having troubles with pest invaders, now would be a good time to call the Pittsburgh pest control pros at Witt for a thorough inspection and treatment to get rid of pest invaders. You don’t want to be sharing your home with pests as well as all your Thanksgiving visitors, so now is a good time to be proactive and make sure your home is free from nuisance and damaging pests. 

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