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Silverfish crawling along a wooden surface

These are the bugs you find when you turn over a rock or flip a board that has been lying in your yard. These are the bugs you'll find in a dark, moist corner of your basement or crawling around in your bathroom. But there is something you may not know about moisture pests. They are a sign of a much greater problem. Here's what you need to know to protect your home and your family.

What pests are considered moisture pests? There are a lot of them. But the ones you're most likely to find in your home are earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, silverfish, and springtails. These bugs don't know the difference between your house and a hole in the ground--quite literally.

All of these bugs come in for the same reason, but they have different reasons for staying. Bugs are continually exploring for food. This will sometimes bring them into a home by accident.

They may also be driven into a home. During times of excessive rain, the water table may rise to an uncomfortable level for these creatures. While they all love moisture, they will drown if they stay under the water.

Dry ground can drive them inside as well. If there is a drought, these moisture-loving bugs will prefer your basement to the parched soil outside.

In the summer, the warm weather makes this group of creatures active. If they are influenced by saturation or drought, it will cause them to relocate. That is why summer is when we get the highest number of calls to eradicate these invaders.

If you're seeing any of these pests in your home, there is something you should know. Moisture pests are a warning sign that your home is being damaged by water. You may have obstructed or broken gutters that are allowing rainwater to run down the walls of your home. You may have water collecting near your foundation, or something similar. When water gets on wood, it allows fungus to grow. Fungus and algae cause wood to rot and weaken, and this is inviting to bugs and rodents.

The fact that you're finding moisture pests in your home is a strong indication that you have entry points that need to be sealed. And those entry points are going to allow more than just nuisance pests in. They can also give entry to bugs that sting, bite, and spread illness.

When you have Witt Pest Management take care of any of these invaders, you'll also be getting important information about the status of your home. When rot goes unchecked, it can lead to costly repairs.

Can you live with moisture pests in your home? Sure you can. But it is much smarter to address pest issues when they arise. Learn more about pest management and how it can protect your home from damage, and your family from illness.

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